Surgically Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic Surgery (Wilckodontics)

Orthodontic treatment is very commonly indicated in adult patients, to correct malocclusion (bad bite) and align teeth to facilitate home hygiene care and facilitate restoration.  Treatment by Orthodontists and Periodontists in tandem is very common, as malocclusion, and its associated symptoms are often the root cause of periodontal issues such as receding gums and loose teeth.  If dental malocclusion is a factor in your periodontal condition, Dr. Bouffard will likely suggest a consultation with an orthodontist to determine the best course of treatment.  Treating a condition without addressing the root cause of that condition will often lead to a less than ideal result. Not all orthodontist receive the same training, or maintain proficiency in treating adult patients.  We maintain a referral relationship with board certified orthodontists who have extensive training and knowledge of the relationship between periodontal disease and dental occlusion.

Orthodontic therapy has changed dramatically in the past two decades.  Two of the most dramatic changes have been the advent of removable, clear aligners, and of surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (SAOO).  Clear trays such as Invisalign have made orthodontic therapy far less invasive, by eliminating bands and brackets from the treatment regimen.  These work very well for simple tooth movement.  For more complicated cases, surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontic therapy makes movement of severely malposed teeth possible, and reduces the time of treatment significantly.  Teeth move less readily in adult patients.  SAOO is a minor surgical procedure to perforate the bone surrounding the tooth roots to promote rapid tooth movement.  Bone is grafted at the time of surgery to build stronger bone to support the teeth once orthodontic treatment is completed.  The greatest advantage is that orthodontic treatment time is significantly reduced.

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I have been going to South River Periodontics for years. I can't say enough about Dr. Robert Bouffard, DDS. His expertise and chair-side manner are positively beyond compare. I actually enjoy going to the dentist! If you're searching for a fabulous dentist who takes the time to actually get to know his patients and provides the best in dental treatment, one who will also explain procedures to you and treat you with the utmost respect and care, look no further than Dr. Robert Bouffard!

Linda Lee Annapolis, MD Dental Patient

Dr. Bouffard extracted my son's wisdom teeth when my son was only 13 and did such a fabulous job. He took his time to explain the procedure and put my son at great ease. Now my son needs an implant to replace a tooth lost when he was 9 and there is little anxiety since he trusts Dr. Bouffard so much. We are so happy to have met him at Maple Ave Family Dentistry in Barrington.

Eileen Brady Annapolis, MD Dental Patient

I was referred to Dr. Bouffard six months after hitting my face on the steering wheel in a car accident. Although I had been seen several times for face pain since the accident, it was still unclear about what was going on. Dr. Bouffard listened closely to all my continued troubles and within 5 minutes of meeting me figured out that my upper jaw had actually been dislocated and should’ve been wired shut to heal properly. I was upset but relieved to finally have some answers and a solid plan for treating my pain. Dr. Bouffard worked with one of "his guys" to construct a splint that I wore for several months to provide support and structure for my healing jaw. He has continued to be involved in my healing process, performing two implant surgeries and sending me on to an orthodontist for braces to further strengthen the integrity of my jaw. Two years later, he continues to check in with me and show genuine concern about how I am feeling. I am truly grateful to have been referred to him.

Laura Petersen Annapolis, MD Dental Patient

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